Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Texas Card

Popping by to share the card I made for my Parents.  They are getting older and I finally convinced them to move here close to me and to my surprise they agreed.  They will be here in August, Yay!! I am so excited to have them so close by, they'll be 10 minutes from me.  And now here is the card to Welcome them to Texas.

I am using it as my challenge card for the card group I am in too.   All in all I am happy about how it came out and I know they will love it.  Even if it has a few shakey hand ink mishaps, from my arthritis, they will still be touched by it!  I can't wait to have them here.....

Until next time,
Keep on Crafting


  1. Oh lucky you, to have your parents moving so close. I've been where you are describing, and yes, it is hard to see your folks age. (Our dtr now has to deal with this for us!). You made such a perfectly appropriate & wonderful card for them. I can just imagine, you can't wait!!! Hugs & TFS. Happy Wkend, and 4th of July too.

  2. this is such a wonderful card with that most amazing state featured! some days I miss Texas so much. glad to hear that your parents are moving closer to you. great news for everyone! :)

  3. Oh, girl, I am so stealing your ideas!
    Cool that your parents are coming to town. Stop by on the Fourth of July for some fun and food! I miss you guys


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