Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catching up with cards

Howdy all you crafty peeps.  I'm still here just been a bit busy with this thing called WORK and family stuff!  But I have some cards that have been waiting to be shown to you.  So lets get started.....

This was a card for last weeks card group challenge that I belong to, used it as a  to a Thank You for a sweet friend. 

Sympathy card I made for another friend to give to a family member.  She chose the truck image.

Another Thank you for a different friend for a birthday gift she gave me.

Well that's all I have made right now.  Hope everyone is having a nice crafty weekend.

Until next time,
Big crafty hugs!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Card group challenge

Hello everyone.  I am just popping in to share a card I made for this weeks challenge in my card group.  The theme was fall and you had to post it to your blog if you have one.  So here is my card!

I also used this card as a Thanks to the lady baker that made my awesome 50th birthday cake last week.  Check back tomorrow for more cards that have been waiting to be shown...

Until next time 
Happy Friday