Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another new technique I learned.....

Hello all.  I just have to share with you a new technique I learned this week from another online card making friend.  I really had fun with this one.  It's called Burnished Micro Glitter, maybe you've heard of it or even tried it, but I had not. And I just had to try it out.  

First a Tip: It's tricky when you first start...try not to touch the sticky stuff on the Sookwang paper
use the covering paper that says Sookwang to hold your sheet while attaching sticker
You start by cutting card stock to the card size you want.  Then you attach your card stock to one side of the sticky Sookwang. Then remove the sticker from it's backing...carefully...and don't toss the negative as you can transfer that with transfer sheets as I showed yesterday.  Now remove the backing from the sticky side of the Sookwang, place your sticker where you want it.  Then using a coffee filter cover the entire sticky side with the sticker on with the warm highlights micro fine glitter.  You then take your finger and rub the glittter into all of the sticky parts and the sticker.  It will start to feel velvetty like and not rough and that will tell you it done. Then you can shake the left over glitter back into its container.  Now you color with copics or other alcohol markers.  Be careful to use a light hand when coloring and do not press hard just go lightly and carefully, the alcohol markers can bleed thru if not careful.  Takes a little practice but is oh so fun!
 WaLa you have a card front!  Here is the sticker image and the card:

 OK so now all you do is build your card.  That's all there is to it.  Fun right?  I really like this and will be doing more of this technique for sure.  You can get more info on this technique by searching You Tube for "Burnished Micro fine glitter technique" videos.  And you cane get the supplies at Elizabeth Crafts and/or Frantic Stamper, both have online stores.  I have also heard some stamp stores carry the stuff too but you will have to do your homework to find it.  Hope you enjoyed this technique b/c I sure did.

Have a great day...

Until next time.

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  1. Hi Chris, Loved your card! Isn't this just the most fun technique?!!! I absolutely love this stuff. Don't know if you've seen some of the cards I've posted using this technique. You did a super job with your copic coloring on the glitter too. Beautiful roses. TFS & passing along a fun technique. Hugs


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