Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm back...well been back

Hello peeps.  I am back in blog land.  We have been getting so much rain that my front entry has flooded a few times over.  But we are better than most of the others that have been effected by all this rain here in Texas. So I shall not complain.  I made 2 cards today.  One for my DH for our 25th Anniversary on This Tuesday, and the 2nd is a Thank You for my Mom for helping me to have a surprise party at her home Tuesday evening.  And the big surprise is that we have a friend that is an ordained minister so he is going to assist us in renewing our vows, just hoping DH agrees, or it might be a bit embarrassing.  But I am sure he'll be all over it and very surprised.  I have never got to surprise him ever so if he knows anything he's being very quiet about it!  Any way here is the card for my Mom: 

 And now for the card for my DH, I hope he likes it!  I tried to use our colors from our wedding on it too.  Also played a bit in pic monkey and thought I'd share pic too......Let me know what you think!

 So that's was my day of card making.  I need to make a few Thank you cards for the friends that will be attending the surprise party so will share them once I get them done probably later today or tomorrow.  
Have nice Sunday evening, I know I will b/c I will be watching PSB love thier Sunday evening line ups.........

Until Next Time'


  1. Both fabulous cards Chris. I hoe the rain stops for you for a while..Loz

  2. Gorgeous, I'm sure John loved his card. Happy Anniversary to you two!


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