Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Card for Gal friend's Birthday

Afternoon to all my crafty peeps out there.  It's a very dreary day here today and not doing much at the moment.  I promised I would share the cute shoe card I made for a good friend's birthday yesterday.  Here it is:

I also made her some handmade soaps, that she had been hinting she would like.  She loved the card and the shoe pattern even matched the dress she worn, and No I did not know in advance what she was wearing...... Hope your all have a fun crafty day.

Until next time


  1. Very pretty card...and it matched her outfit, even more perfect ('cuz you know us ladies, are shoes have to match!) Want to see some posts on your soaps!!

  2. Hey Gal...if she loves shoes this will sure make her happy....great card gal....

  3. Gorgeous card and shoe Chris..Loz


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