Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just popping in

Hello, just posting the card I made with the Parchment piece posted earlier in week.  The card made it to my lovely, sweet best crafty friend, Deloris, in Florida.  And she gave her approval for me to share it with you all, so here it is:
Well please let me know what ya'll think of it.  I am in a rush to get dinner on the table and get ready for a friend's birthday party in just a bit.  Will share the card I made for her to tomorrow.   Have a terrific Tuesday evening all.

Until next time 
Tootles  :)


  1. This is Gorgeous Chris. The background colors really highlight the embossing . Have fun at the party..Loz

  2. I opened the envelope and didn't know what to say this card is so beautiful and perfect I was speechless. Love love it my dear bestest crafty friend. Thank you Thank you.

  3. GORGEOUS!! I love the idea of the pearls, parchment and pearls make a great combo! You are getting good at this technique...can't wait to see even more.


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