Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Had to share ;)

Hello everyone!  I have to tell you all that last Tuesday evening I was playing in craft area and low and behold I broke my Grand Calibur!  And worst part of it it was totally my fault.  I was in a hurry to get something done as we sometimes do, and used the wrong plate sandwich.  So it made that horrible metal grinding noise and snaps and crackles!  I almost cried, but such is the life of a crafter right. My DH came running in, b/c he heard the noise and my words and new it could not be good.  The sweetie that he is he took it all apart but was not able to fix it, b/c The teeth on the gears actually broke.  He was able to get the plates and  my embossing folder out luckily.  I was so mad at my self let me tell you.  But DH saved the day again and he  ordered me another Grand Calibur from get this "HSN".  After talking with my mom about where he could order one for me as Valentines gift.  And the great news is it will be here sometime today, we just checked the tracking and it's out on the UPS truck for delivery, Yippee...... Happy Crafter dance going on here. 
Had to share with you all b/c I knew you would understand my feeling of anger and happiness....

Thanks for popping by and I'll be adding more later today hopefully  :)

Until next time,
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