Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Followers

Happy Thursday morning peeps.  Just had to put a shout out to my three new followers!  Thank you so much for showing me your love.  I hope you'll pop by whenever you want to.  Well guess it's time to get house work done.  Already got Grocery shopping done earlier thank goodness because it is looking like rain here today and the humidity, YUK!  Then need to clean up my craft area a bit.  Who wants to see my crafting nook?  Let me know and maybe just maybe I'll show it to ya'll.  Why not show me your craft area too??

Until Next time....
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  1. Chris, you asked about my latest here goes from my Edit at the post: This is a Northwoods Stamp, Fall Apples & Pumpkin Harvest Tree Baskets, purchased on eBay,. I bought several from the same seller. They were not 'great buys', but the stamps were in very good condition, didn't have to clean the rubber, etc. So I was pleased with the price for the quality I received. But again, no big bargain. I can provide the seller - if anyone wants to know - AND if I am allowed to do that here! Got some queries as to stamp brand, name, etc. and I'm always happy to provide the info if someone is interested. As to the complexity of coloring: My method is to pick a color to start, use it wherever needed, then go to my next color choice. I take a stamp such as this one, in 'bites'. I also color slowly, so it takes me a while. (usually an evening of tv watching!). That is why I struggled so hard to salvage the card, once I realized what I had done, wasn't appealing in the way I had done it to make the card. This is a challenge area for me, picking papers, doing layouts! I always appreciate any suggestions/feedback anyone can provide to h help me improve!!! Thanks for looking and also asking about the stamp & how I did it. :-)

  2. Chris, forgot to say: My crafting area is in too much of a mess for ANYbody to see it! I might take a pic of my airbrush area, that is not quite so messy! Be looking forward to seeing YOUR craft area, though.

  3. Mary, Thanks for the stamp info. As for my Craft Area pictures, well still trying to make it picture worthy, LOL....and yes would love to see your airbrush area. I would love to learn airbrushing at some point......Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Chris, Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog! I'd love to see your crafting nook. I have a big room ( I call it the 'Craft Cave') in the basement and I can spread out to every corner making a huge mess! Someday when it's cleaned/neat I may take some photos for my blog.

  5. Thanks for coming by Pam! I am so envious that you have a Basement. Most Texans don't have these. I grew up, North and I'd give anything to have a Basement! But I do have a nice small area. Pics will be coming as soon as finish arranging things better. Thanks again for coming over for a visit.


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