Thursday, May 18, 2017

Post Office machines ate my card, LOL

Evening crafty friends.  I went out tp grab the mail earlier today to find a plastic bag from the local Post Office  telling me they were sorry but my mail had been damaged by their machine.... And of course it was one of my cards I was pretty proud of.   So I had to quickly create another birthday card for my friend.  Below is the damaged one from the P.O and then the new one I am getting out in tomorrow's mail and you bet it is going in a padded mailer!  I used the Art Impression water color stamps again and did some water coloring.   I am very happy with the new card to, almost like it as much as the last one.  Oh well at least I made a card today right, LOL.....  have a wonderful evening all.  

Until Next time


  1. It says reutrned for better address Chris. I think they should have said returned be our machine was hungry..The second card is so beautiful..loz

  2. That's happened to me as well, but only those coming to me, none that I sent out thank goodness. You made a great save for the 2nd one with that cute bunny peeking out from behind the tree stump with flowers! Adorable :)

  3. Never had that happen, but am glad you got the second one to be happy with. Very pretty

  4. awww! How sad when the machine does this to beautiful handmade cards! Love your second card!

  5. Sad this happened to one of your beautiful cards! The replacement card is really very nice. Love the bunny on it!


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