Monday, April 18, 2016

A rainy day and card making

Well it's raining like a crazy here in Texas and i hear it's going to go on for a few more days.  So I thought I'd get busy on a bunch of birthday cards I need and Mother's day ones too.  But today I made 3 birthday cards, 1 for my Niece's 17th, and my 2 twin Aunts birthday's also.   Well here they are, I used up a bunch of die cut pieces I have had lying around for ages.......

                                                    For my niece's 17th birthday

                                                 My Aunt Jo's birthday

                                                       My Aunt Di's birthday
So there you have it all made on a super rainy day in April!  Have a great evening and thanks for popping by....................

Until Next Time


  1. Three Fantastic vintage looking cards Chris..Loz

  2. They all look fantastic!! Glad to hear you found your mojo, might want to keep him close (or I might come steal him!)


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