Monday, April 13, 2015

No card pics!

Well hello all.   I am not a happy camper, my awesome little camera that I have had for 11 years has decided to stop working!  Not good!  So I can not at the moment post pics of a few cards I have made lately. But instead I am going to share a few pics taken before the camera up and decided to not work.  These are of some beautiful wild flowers here in Central TX, called bluebonnets, they bloom almost every April and this year they are lovely.  They are our state flower also, aren't they just to pretty......... Enjoy!

Well this is it for now.  Guess I need to find that darn cable for the camera or buy a new camera. Drats!  Have a fun week all.

Until next time


  1. Fabulous photos Chris. I hope you get a new camera soon..Loz

  2. oh thank you thank you thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos!!! as a transplanted Texan living up here in Ohio, I truly miss seeing the beautiful bluebonnets each spring. these photos are fabulous! sorry to hear about your camera though. hope you can get a new one soon.


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