Saturday, May 21, 2016

Organizing Tips?

Hello and Happy Saturday to all the crafty peeps out in blog land.   So I have been thinking for the past few days that I really really need to some how come up with some way of organizing all my stamps (clear, cling and rubber).  Right now they live in photo boxes and plastic tubs with no organization at all... I hate it and I am wanting to do something better.  So I am asking all of you, How do you organize your stamps?  And do any of you keep them cataloged on your computer or similar?   I have been hearing about a new App called "Evernote" that some people are using but have not looked at it yet?   So tell me how you keep organized b/c I have got to come up with something or purge a good bit.... just takes to long to find what I want right now, LOL.  So folks help a crafty girl out and give me some good tips................. Any and all tips appreciated! :)

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  1. Well I've already shared with you what system I use is. But I have also looked into Evernote which I have started playing around with. No matter how you keep your stamps together, you still need a means to find the set you're looking for. So far, the Evernote looks great. It's like a database of all of your stamp sets that you can do a search on. Check out the Utube videos on it. :) Good luck Chris, it's a lot of work to get it all cataloged and organized. Good luck picking what will work the best for you.

  2. Chris, I've downloaded the Evernote (recommended to me), but done nothing with it. I know a couple folks who are just loving it though. Somehow you can connect your Smart phone with the program on your computer, and helps to keep you from duplication when you're shopping. I'm not a very good organizer at all. Lately, I've tried to categorize new stamps in tool bins (thanks to DH) - these are clear, cost about $3 at a Harbor Freight (guy store) and are wide enough for the stamp packaging to stand upright. I'm trying to keep these together by Mfgr, clear, cling separate, and keep on a table. Others are just stuffed away in the 3 tier plastic bin drawers that I want to eliminate one day. I tried to group as to Christmas, Florals, trees, but that is not working too well. I spend lots of time hunting...Good luck. If you go to Evernote, I'll be interested to know how it works for you. TFS & Happy wkend.


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