Saturday, January 30, 2016

Last Weeks Cards

Hello Crafty friends!  I made several cards last week and am just finding the time to share them with you now.  As you know I belong to Stamp Nation and Stamp Junkies (on face book) groups.  The new thing this year seems to stencils and I wanted to play with the few I had so these are the cards I came up with.  Stamp Nation had a bunch of stencil classes going on and Stamp Junkies had a challenge so I combined the two and made the cards here.   Both are done with stencils I bought years ago from Walmart and never used.  I really like the way the came out and both are going in the mail tomorrow to 2 other crafty card maker friends.  Hope you like them as much as I do and that maybe I'll inspire you to play with your stencils too, LOL.....

That's it peeps.  Hope you dig out your stencils and make some cool cards.  I will be doing more with them I'm sure of it.......

Until Next Time,


  1. These are fantastic Chris. Beautiful colours on the stencilling..Loz

  2. Awesome! I'm really liking the stencil look lately and love the colors you chose for both.


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