Monday, October 12, 2015

Christmas cards, again

A marvelous Monday to all my crafty friends.....  It is a very warm day here, supposed to be 98 and sunny definitely does not feel like fall yet!  I have been trying very hard to work on my Christmas cards for this year.  I have made a decision though, I am only sending handmade cards to those who I know appreciate them and know what I put into them and then I am making about 60 to take to the Nursing home where my MIL was at.  They can definitely use them for the residents.  My mom also is making a bunch of lap blankets to give out there too with all the scrap yarn she has left over form other projects.  So now for the cards I have made all since Friday.  

 So have you noticed a them here?  I am a big snowman person.  So I am using all the snowman stah I have not used over the years.  I am having a such fun too, LOL.  Love to hear what you think of all these Christmas cards too.  I guess I need a few cards to that I forgot about hmm maybe work on these today, who knows, will decide once I am sitting at the craft counter and see what mood I am in........

Have a fabulous Monday what ever your doing! 

Until next time


  1. WOW!! All fabulous cards Chris. I do Love the bendi fold first one..Loz

  2. Very cute! I'm so proud of you to get started on the Christmas cards! (and your snowmen look adorable, all of them)


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